Dressed to Dink: What to Wear to Play Pickleball

Dressed to Dink: What to Wear to Play Pickleball

Welcome to the wonderful world of pickleball! Whether you’ve heard about it from friends, seen it at your local park, or are just curious about this exciting sport, you’re in for a great time. Before you hit the court, let’s talk about what to wear to ensure you’re comfortable and ready to enjoy your new favorite game.

Pickleball T-shirts: Casual Comfort

A good pickleball t-shirt is your best friend on the court. You want something that’s breathable, lightweight, and moves with you. Depending on your preference, you'll want to wear a 100% cotton t-shirt or racerback tank, or a performance pickleball tee made from moisture-wicking fabric. The key is to make sure it's comfortable and you can move in it with ease.

Caps and Visors: Shade and Style

When you’re playing outdoors, keeping the sun out of your eyes is crucial. Caps and visors are fantastic for providing that much-needed shade. Whether you prefer the full coverage of a cap or the open-top freedom of a visor, we’ve got you covered. Our Caps & Visors collection features designs that protect your eyes and add a touch of pickleball style.

Shoes: The Foundation of Your Game

Your feet are the unsung heroes of your pickleball game. Look for court shoes that offer good lateral support and cushioning. Running shoes are great for forward motion, but for the quick side-to-side movements of pickleball, court shoes are your best bet. They provide the stability you need to prevent injuries and keep you agile on the court. 

Protective Eyewear: Safety First

While easy to overlook (no pun intended!), protective eyewear is crucial. Pickleballs can come at you fast, and you’ll want to shield your eyes from any unexpected smashes. Look for eyewear designed specifically for sports—lightweight, comfortable, and offering clear vision. Safety first, fun always.

Water Bottles: Stay Hydrated, Play Better

Hydration is key to maintaining your energy levels and focus during a game. A good water bottle is an essential part of your pickleball gear. Look for one that’s easy to carry, keeps your beverages cold for long sessions on the court, and has enough capacity to help you stay hydrated throughout your match. Our insulated bottles are designed with convenience in mind, so you can grab a quick sip and get back to the action without missing a dink. 

Sport Towels: Soft and Absorbent

When you play pickleball, you’re going to work up a sweat. Having a sport towel on hand is a game-changer. It's one of those items you don't even think about until you find yourself wiping the sweat from your face and your glasses with your shirt. Our sport towels are soft and super absorbent, perfect for when you need a quick wipe-down mid-game. 

Your Pickleball Shopping List:

🏓 Start with a comfortable cotton pickleball t-shirt for casual games or a performance tee if you're expecting to work up a sweat

🏓 Add a cap or visor to keep the sun out of your eyes

🏓 Slip into some reliable court shoes for the best support and stability

🏓 Wear protective sport glasses to keep your eyes safe

🏓 Stay hydrated with an insulated bottle and keep a sport towel handy when you need a quick refresh

Get Ready to Play!

With these few essentials, you'll be ready to join the millions of other pickleball players who have fallen in love with this amazing sport. And remember: Don't overthink it! Pickleball is all about having fun, making friends, and being active. 

Looking for pickleball apparel and accessories? Here at Florida Pickleball Clothing Co., we have everything you need to look good, feel great, and play your best game.

Welcome to the pickleball community. We'll see you on the court!

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